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It’s happened before, and it doesn’t happen very often – but anyone who’s anyone cannot have missed there being a 6-hour (WHAT!) outage on Facebook yesterday. 

Not only that, but now Facebook owns the likes of Instagram and Whatsapp, they crashed as well. 🙁  

Did you cope without memes, stories and the consistent ping of the group chats? (I know I did, I actually got more than two words out of my other half for once!) 

With the blackout, came the influx of traffic to other platforms for their fix. Twitter, Linked IN & TikTok lapped up the attention, and owned it well!

The problems weren’t just in the UK, but worldwide – affecting North and South America, Europe, Australia, Russia, and New Zealand. 

Word quickly spread about the cause of the outbreak, blaming human error for a big part of the integral Facebook code being deleted ‘accidentally – leading to sheer panic that Facebook has actually gone from the internet, with that little bit of ‘how bad actually is this?’ lingering…

After hours of waiting, Mark Zuckerberg himself commented on the situation:

“Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are coming back online now. Sorry for the disruption today – I know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about.” 

The rumour was true, with Facebook acknowledging that the issue was down to a ‘faulty configuration update’. The fault update then went on to affect its 3.5 billion users from accessing its apps and services.

This saw the market value plummet, wiping a colossal $47billion (£34.5billion) off the market value by their shares closing at 4.9% lower on Monday. 

So with Facebook gone, Instagram gone and even Whatsapp – once my auto-pilot fingers going to open each app one by one on repeat (like I didn’t even know they were down) had stopped – it did pose the question, what if they did actually just stop?! 

The personal impact, let alone the business impact is second to none. 

Big brands jumped on other platforms such as Linked In, making a great chance to crack a joke and get some extra coverage from the laughs. 

But small business wise, it’s flagged the importance of ensuring your presence is spread out across all channels. 

Some small businesses process all enquiries and communications through Facebook and Instagram, and were left in difficult situations last night. 

We were contacted by businesses not being able to make contact with clients that they had made appointments with, as it was all processed through Messenger which was down – they couldn’t even access to retrieve phone numbers to make contact. 

If we never know what’s going to happen, or when the lights might go out – just remember to cover all bases. With this reminder, ensure relevant coverage and presence across all social networks that are applicable to your business.  Where there are tools to manage your business through your socials, always have a backup and store the vital information somewhere you can easily access it if needed. 🙂 

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