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Many businesses are unsure as to whether Social Media Management, PR & other marketing services are important for them and often, there is a lot of misconception when it comes to what really creates results.

Here are our top 5 pointers on how, why and what you can do to really give your business some oomph.

1. Getting your name out there – creating awareness

Awareness is usually the reason why a company would consider online marketing, social media marketing & PR. Awareness is such a great factor in achieving success – if no one knew about you how would you continue to trade and grow? Digital Marketing is a way of showcasing your company, its attributes and its value to any potential customer or partner. This is achieved by showcasing to the correct audiences by using tools such as press release platforms, blog posts, consistent and thought out social output and news articles.

2. Become established – building a Brand

Make it catchy and make it unique. When building a brand, it’s important to keep it consistent and to be careful not to run away with new ideas that pop into your head… At the beginning, you must factor where you sit in the marketplace – ask yourself are you different? Why are you different? Make it relevant and relatable to the market and your audience.

3. Keep the Faith (earn it first!) – gaining faith, trust & integrity around your brand and services

Trust and faith are earned in time – they don’t come overnight. This stands just as much in marketing and PR as it does in other real-life situations! To gain trust and faith in your brand, you must really tap into your company’s essence. In everything you do, you want your audience to feel your brand and to experience it. Let your integrity shine through – back this up with case studies and industry-related news articles to showcase your achievements and values. Remember to always keep your customers ‘in the loop’ – make them feel valued.

4. Creating customers and business opportunities

By making your content relevant to your audience – you will spark engagement. Once the engagement is there, ensure you are genuinely interacting with your customers. Treat your customers right and they will return, as well as recommending you to others. Ensure any pitching or offers that take place match what you are offering in your marketing – be true to your word. Don’t come on too strong, satisfy the need within your market and always offer ongoing support no matter what the product or industry. Remember to sing your own praises – if you have successes then shout about them!

5. Rome wasn’t built in a day – Long-term commitment to Social Media, PR & Marketing

Long term commitment is a must in any PR or marketing campaign. Consistency in line with strategic planning is paramount in order to secure good results when looking to identify with key contact and developing relationships. Experienced marketing agencies have the knowledge of evaluating channels and tactics – they know the benefits, the costs and most importantly the impact and potential that different social media, PR & marketing methods hold. As a new or current business, it is important to understand that marketing and PR isn’t an ‘overnight’ solution. To gain measurable results and ultimately increase customers and revenue – time must be allowed for a campaign or objective to be seen through.

As the great Gary Barlow once said…. “Just have a little Patience”!

Let us do the work for you and help you to achieve the recognition you and your business deserves.

For advice on affordable Social Media Marketing, PR & Marketing services, contact us today to discuss your business.

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